The Environmental Advantages of Using Solar Energy

There are many environmental advantages of using solar energy. Most people are now aware of the dire situation of our worldΓÇÖs environment, the greenhouse effect, and the growing contamination of our skies, water and lands.┬á┬á There is an awakening amongst nations and they are starting to realize that the EarthΓÇÖs reserves of fossil fuels are being depleted. There is no return: They will be gone forever. The oil companies have to dig deeper and in more remote places trying to find new streams of oil, even in the middle of the oceans, but the chances are lessen by the day.┬á The latest catastrophic –collateral damage– to the environment caused by oil companies digging deeply under the ocean is yet another sign that it is time to stop using these fuels before we destroy life on Earth.┬á Scientists are working on figuring out how to apply the knowledge they have acquired about renewable energies, to the day to day residential and commercial use.┬á┬á Some countries– like China– are investing considerable amounts of time, technology and financial resources investigating renewable energies, manufacturing sophisticated equipment and promoting it at competitive price.

Our planet freely offers us a variety of sustainable renewable energies (wind, water, solar, tidal, thermal, etc.) People can avail themselves of the most convenient forms of green energies abounding in their particular locations:  Some areas are naturally very windy, others limit with oceans that constantly supply big waves and tides, others have volcanoes and thermal waters, but solar energy is common to all parts of the planet (in different degrees of intensity and length of exposure).  Everyone has access to it.

The first solar panels were very expensive, difficult to install and costly to maintain, plus some companies overcharged for their products, which sadly deterred many consumers from using solar energy.┬á It was considered a luxury that only very rich people could afford. But nowadays, the competition generated by Asian countries -who offer best prices for equal or better products–, is rapidly changing the mindset that ΓÇ£solar is expensiveΓÇ¥.

From sophisticated inbuilt solar powered systems in big buildings, companies and governmental institutions, to the simple DIY kits aimed at single family households, solar energy is making a big coming into our lives and seems to be the way of the future.