Garden Lighting Comes In Many Styles

Garden lighting can showcase the various features, such as a fountain or a pond. It allows one the ability to enjoy the space long after the sun goes down. There are many different types of products that can be used and many different ways to accentuate the outdoor space.

The products chosen to illuminate the area will depend on what features you want to highlight and how much coverage is needed. There are fixtures that are mounted on a pole, those than hang from a hook and others that are placed at ground level. Some require an additional power source. Others do not require any special work to be done and can be installed very quickly.

If you want to cover a large space and need some added security, a fixture mounted on a pole or on the house that shines onto the area may require an electrician or someone who can add the proper wiring. If this is not an option, you can choose from several different styles of solar lights. They have the advantage of not requiring any additional power sources. Using energy from the sun is a very environmentally friendly option that incurs no additional costs after installation.

There are lantern style fixtures that can hang from a post or a tall shepherd’s hook. They are very classy products that can be used on an arbor or gazebo as well. Some fixtures come with their own steel bases, so they can be moved as desired. This is a great feature, as they can be placed in a sunny area during the day, and moved to where they are most needed at night. Other fixtures are pushed into the ground with stakes. They can accentuate a stone path or other features, like fountains and ponds. There are many more ideas and most are relatively inexpensive to purchase.