Four Reasons to Switch from Electric Lights to Solar Post Lights

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 10.25.31 AMWhen it comes to outdoor lighting around your home you have some great options. Solar post lights are one way to help you improve your outdoor areas. Here are four great reasons to use solar lights for your outdoor lighting instead of electrical ones.

1. Solar post lights are good for the environment. The production of electricity releases harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, whereas solar energy does not have any toxic emissions. Using electricity consumes the Earth’s natural resources, like coal and oil, and these will eventually run out. Solar energy is renewable, so no matter how much you use it, it will never run out.

2. Solar lights are quick to install yourself. No electricity means no electrical wires to connect, resulting in a really easy set up for you. Most solar post lights simply fit over the top of a post and are secured with a couple of screws. These lights are also low maintenance, and they are automatic, turning on and off by themselves.

3. You can save money with solar energy. As well as being clean and good for the environment, solar energy is free to use. It will not add any further costs to your power bill. If you switch out some of your existing electrical lights for solar lights you will even reduce your power costs further.

4. Solar post lights use LED bulbs and that comes with some added benefits. LED bulbs use less energy than other bulbs allowing them to have a longer life span than incandescent and compact fluorescent lights. They do not produce any harmful emissions and do not contain any mercury. They don’t generate any heat therefore are safe for you to use around your home.

Make the switch for your outdoor lighting and take advantage of these great benefits. Help the environment and save money with these easy to install, low maintenance lights.