Charge Your Batteries With Solar Power

solar powered battery chargersWhen you have portable solar battery chargers, having an extra supply of power is key. The best solar battery chargers are made to be able to receive their power from limitless solar energy. They supply power to various different mobile device batteries, for gaming consoles, cell phones, among many other types of devices. There are many great products from which to choose, so it is crucial that one learns about each price range and what features can be expected for each of them.

Portability is one of the main common features of all solar powered battery chargers. It ideally should fit into small bags. When considering the right size of the charging unit, it should be about that of a modern cell phone. While they charge through the main solar panel, the chargers should also have accessibility to power through their USB ports. This way, there would be additional versatility with the device. The USB port may also be used to charge other devices that are USB compatible. Another common feature of these devices is AC charging.

The best type of charger would be able to fit AA-size or AAA-size batteries, as these are the most common with electronic devices today. One should note of the power output that is in milliamp hours. While rechargeable batteries often have an output of between 1500 and 3000 mAh, portable solar chargers usually deliver only 120 to 720 mA. Solar charging can take around two hours for those solar powered chargers that are rated at 720 mA, for a battery that has rechargeable power at 1500 mAh.

Portable solar battery chargers may have a battery unit that is onboard. This battery unit is able to be charged at the same time with installed rechargeable batteries. Adapters and connectors may then be used to charge devices that do not use AAA or AA batteries, through the power that has been stored on the onboard battery unit.

Portable solar battery chargers have been designed to extend their functionality. This is done through integrated LED flashlights. A reasonable price of as low as $30 will allow travelers, campers, and anyone who is seeking wilderness or urban adventures to enjoy the benefits of these solar products.