Bow Hunting As A Sustainable Living Practice

Millions of people hunt for sport in the United States, and although the morality of hunting for the sake of hunting is disputed, there can be no denying the fact that hunting is instinctual for humans and has been a part of our culture for millions of years.  Current social trends are leading away from strictly sport hunting and exotic game hunting to standard deer, elk and fowl hunting for food. As part of a sustainable homestead, hunting is increasingly being used to supplement the winter dinner table across America.  Deer are abundant across the countryside and are an excellent source of protein.  Not only that, but they are grass-fed, organic and free-range, and if you can manage to take down one deer per season, you could feed your family for several weeks and even save on the cost of store-bought and farm-raised meat, which is most likely full of antibiotics and chemicals anyway.

While rifles have traditionally been used over the past half-century for game hunting, cross bows are becoming increasingly popular as a way to add excitement and get back the roots of “the hunt”.┬á This season, try bow hunting for whitetail deer. There is no shortage of prey with an estimated 30 million whitetail deer in North America. Most deer are shot in the South, East and Midwest, although they are abundant in many states. Whitetails come in several sizes from the tiny Key deer of Florida to the large specimen in the Midwest. Rampant overpopulation has occurred in much of the country, even in counties not far from major metropolitan centers. This has led authorities to declare hunting seasons for deer in practically every state. Bow hunting seasons occur every year.

For a real challenge, try to take the Coues deer of the Southwestern deserts. It inhabits beautiful high country over 3,000 feet including rolling hills, deep canyons and forests of oak and juniper in Mexico, New Mexico and Arizona. It is so elusive that it is sometimes known as the Grey Ghost.

Take a look at Hoyt compound bow or Excalibur crossbows to get an idea of what is available.  Or, if you want to really get back to your sustainable roots, try a standard bow and arrow and empower yourself with the knowledge, skill and aim to survive off of your own wits.