Pellet Stoves: A Greener Option

Pellet stoves as an alternative heat source are an excellent choice because they are very efficient at heating large indoor areas, and don’t rely solely on electricity or gas to operate.  A single pellet stove can heat an entire floor of your home.

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 10.10.28 AMWhat Is a Pellet Stove?

Pellet stoves use small pellets of dense material as fuel in the form of biomass pellets or compressed wood. The latter is usually made from sawdust, a byproduct of saw-milling, or collected from other wood working activities.

Operating a Pellet Stove:

  • All stoves are slightly different, but with most stoves, it will first need to be filled with the required pellet in the hopper.  Then the unit must be set to the desired temperature and powered on. Most units come with an automatic starter, which will light its own fire.  The stove will begin feeding pellets into the flame and will continue burning till the temperature of the room has reached the desire level.
  • Once the desired temperature has been reached, the stove will shut down but the fan will continue to blow warm air into the room. This process will continue automatically until the temperature goes down below the desired level and then the stove will resume heating.
  • Cleaning a pellet stove is a simple process; you have to remove the ash after the stove has consumed one ton of pellets.  Once a year, it is recommended to do a deeper clean to make sure ash has not accumulated inside the interior of the unit.