LED Lights – An Extremely Powerful Alternative Light Source

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LED lights are winning acceptance in the lighting industry as they become the most efficient, cost effective, advantageous and durable lighting source on the market.

Advantages of LEDs

  • Significantly more energy efficient and they help to conserve a lot of power
  • They have long lifespan and extremely durable
  • Available in numerous different colors and shapes
  • They do not contain UV and the infrared radiations
  • Cool to touch – no danger of burning or catching fire

LED Light Bulbs Vs Compact Fluorescent

LEDs are considered to be superior to compact fluorescent lights mainly because LED lights can bear great turbulence and temperature fluctuations. The basic disparities between these two different lights are:

  • Introductory expense of installing this product is more costly as compared to the fluorescent lights. Even if the initial installation expenses of the bulb is excessive but still they can considerably lower your electricity consumption ultimately
  • LEDs are highly durable in comparison with the Fluorescent lights and last far longer