Easy Ways of Using Solar Power for Homes

Our society has become greatly concerned on current environmental situation in the world around us. That is why effective ways to protect ourselves and the environment we live in are needed. Solar power for homes solutions are considered to be a simple, relatively cheap measure that really works and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. And which is more, you not necessary need to install some additional appliances to achieve positive results. You can save tones of money on electricity bills making some simple reconstructions at your home or office, planting additional trees at your windows and taking other similar steps. All these measures are known as passive solar power solutions that have been used even by our ancestors. The question is, if our ancestors knew how to prevent their homes from heat or cold, why we, a modern and civilized society, can’t do the same simple things.

The most complex and effective solar power technologies are yet to be discovered. Although the scientists have already claimed that sun energy can substitute all other resources that are underneath our planet, a practical use of solar power generators for homes is still limited. While solar energy is a great option for those who live in sunny locations, if you, for instance, live in Canada the possibility to use solar powered heaters or air conditioners will be limited for you. Thermal solar power appliances, such as water heaters, and photovoltaic panels for air conditioners and ventilation fans require direct sunlight to work effectively. Even though modern solar powered appliances already have storage devices to operate at night time, they still need sun rays to be recharged. Moreover, such appliances are a way more expensive than those without storage devices.  Solar power for homes prices must be considered before making any decision.

The most popular solar power for homes products are water and air heaters, air conditioners and ventilation fans, and cell phone chargers that work from solar energy. The prices for such products can greatly vary depending on the output and the capacities. As for example, a relatively cheap water heater can produce 80 gallons of hot water, and an average solar powered cell phone charger will recharge your cell phone battery within an hour or so. A more expensive water heater will certainly do a better job, but you should consider your needs and financial possibilities when buying it. Another important thing to remember about solar power for homes products is that you must live in a sunny location and need to install PV panels on the southern or western part of your home to achieve the best results.