Bringing Bamboo into the Kitchen

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 11.05.21 AMIn this age of ecological awareness it is a good idea to use renewable materials in the kitchen because they help to relieve the demand for non-renewable resources that are rapidly depleting. One good renewable material for the kitchen is bamboo.

There are many ways to bring bamboo into the kitchen environment. The simplest way to start is to gradually replace many of your kitchen utensils with bamboo kitchen equipment. Nowadays it is easy to find bamboo kitchen products in good home stores or online.  You can get bamboo cutting boards, bamboo steamers, bamboo serving utensils, bamboo place mats, bamboo drinks coasters, bamboo tongs, bamboo chopsticks and bamboo knife blocks to name but a few eco-friendly items.

Bamboo products are good for the environment because bamboo takes only a few years to reach maturity. It is a resource that can be grown both quickly and organically to meet demand. Because bamboo is hard and durable, making it a perfect substitute for hardwood products.

Bamboo can be worked just like hardwood and has a grain and a light wooden color. There is no need to either stain or dye bamboo because it can be heated to produce carbonized bamboo which has a darker richer color.

Another advantage of bamboo kitchen equipment is that it is naturally antibacterial and anti fungal. Thus, it is completely safe to use bamboo kitchen tools for food preparation and serving.

Another way to bring bamboo into the kitchen is to buy bamboo charcoal. This is a striking addition to the kitchen that acts as a natural air freshener and humidity controller.

Finally, you can use bamboo vinegar for cleaning the kitchen and bamboo charcoal soap for washing your hands.

There are so many ways to bring bamboo into the kitchen so as to help the environment and help improve the hygiene of the kitchen.