4 Easy Ways to Start Composting at Home Today!

Recycling your organic waste by composting at home is an economical way to better the environment while feeding your garden. Many natural waste items never get the chance to turn into soil because of the anaerobic conditions of many landfills if no oxygen reaches the trash it will never degrade. This wastes space and money, making a home composter look pretty convenient in comparison!

Here are three simple bins designs that you can use to compost at home:

img_compost1  1. Basic Pile

What is composting? Composting is throwing a bunch of appropriate organic matter into a pile to accelerate the natural decomposition process that inevitably results in the creation of rich soil. Does this operation sound like it needs something fancy? Composting started with bare piles of organic waste simply heaped up and occasionally covered with burlap, and this method works just as well now as it ever has.

img_compostingBin12. Pallet Bin

Wooden shipping pallets are given away for free at many big retail stores and warehouses. Stand three pallets on their sides and you have the perfect container to start composting at home. Erect two more half-boxes and you’ll end up with a three-phase composting system for advanced gardeners.

3. Turning Tumbler

Tumblers look like perforated barrels turned on their side and stuck through a rotating barbeque skewer – you stick your compost in the side, give it a good turn every few days, and remain patient until you start smelling that satisfying earthy aroma that announces that indicates that you just made some awesome compost.

img_compost24. Compost Rotator

Rotating home composting systems come in many different designs and some are definitely easier to use than others are. Most are just simple compost barrels set vertically on a rotating base that contains an interior paddle that aerates the compost making the procedure quick and painless for most garden needs.

If you find the right composting system you just might find that this hobby is flexible, fun, and incredibly educational. You will never be closer to your garden than the first time you feed it something that you made yourself through months of patient turning. Composting at home is extremely fun, especially when you have the right equipment so why wait? Get started today!